Supa Pirate Booty Hunt creators Steve Sievers & Dahveed attended Animation Nation event last night with special guest Don Bluth.  Don Bluth has made such animated classics as Dragon’s LairAn American TailThe Land Before TimeAnastasia, & more. Steve Sievers had this to say after meeting Don “It was such an honor to meet a legend in the animation industry. I told Don my Land Before Time story about how I enter this art contest as a kid that JC Penny was putting on before the release of the movie. I really didn’t think I would win, but someone I won a Spike Plush figure. It was one of the happiest days as a kid and it was at that point I thought maybe I could do some career as an artist.” Below are pics from the event. Look for video also from Animation Nation to see & hear Don’s inspiring speech at the event.


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