Supa Pirate Booty Hunt creators Steve Sievers & Dahveed attended the Digital LA – Birds + Bourgeois Pig Hollywood Hills Drinks event last night at their neighborhood faves Birds and Bourgeois Pig to chat digital, Angry Birds, and toasted Rio’s #1 opening wknd. Cuz LA’s the only place with side-by-side Birds+Pig restaurants! Attendees from web series gurus to animators,, and LA Film School discussed: iPhone games, home page takeovers, viral video marketing, favorite Angry Birds levels, and more. With special drink discounts, we enjoyed emotions from Angry (birds) to Peppy (coffee), Happy (beer), and Healthy (juice). *** Please not that pics with SPBH logo were taken by Steve Sievers and ones with out taken by Kevin from Digital LA.



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