SPBH Comic Book Available in VR


Supa Pirate Booty Hunt comic book is now available in VR on Google Play on Android smart phones. Distributed by eigoMANGA which is a dgital media publisher of anime, manga, comic books & games. Click here to download the COMX VR in Google Play. The Supa Pirate Booty Hunt comic book is under Mad BeanZ bundle which is Dahveed’s other comic book which has been published by eigoMANGA.


Pictured above is SPBH co-creator & producer Steve Sievers trying out a beta version at eigoMANGA booth at San Diego Comic Con 2017. Steve “After trying out the beta version at SDCC, I was so amazed with it. Not only does your comic book come to life in VR but I also loved how interactive it was.” Since then Steve & Dahveed have been working with eigoMANGA into getting their Supa Pirate Booty Hunt comic book converter to VR format to be added to ComX VR. “Its been a long journey and I am glad to see it has ComX VR is available now on Google Play.” To experience the VR you must have a VR googles that hook up to your Android smart phone. Can always use the cardboard cut outs. Check out the promo video for it below.

Later in 2018, ComX VR will be available on iPhones. Steve Sievers “2017 was our year of getting our SPBH Doc movie distributed as much as possible. We had great success with our DVD/VOD available on Amazon, Target, Barnes & Nobles etc. 2018 is about getting SPBH into the interactive entertainment VR/Mobile Devices. Besides SPBH comic book available in VR and animation coming soon to VR thanks to VRX (Virtual Reality Xperience), we are also developing Supa Pirate Booty Hunt mobile game. We are still looking into what company/developers to partner with to bring it to life. Right now we are working on artwork and concept for it.”

Stay tuned for exciting news!


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