Supa Pirate Booty Hunt & Playboy


Last night, Steve Sievers (voice of Daniel the Turtle) premiered his Daniel the Turtle costume on Kaos Tom’s “A Chaos Nation Show” at Mirror Image Studios in Anaheim, CA. The show was broadcasted to thousands live on internet TV via Daniel the Turtle was interviewed with playboy girl Claudia Nathalia, as you can tell in our pictures…SHE LOVED DANIEL THE TURTLE! What girl doesn’t? Steve didn’t stop there, he took Daniel the Turtle in the most pit for the bands. Even the band Caustic Felon changed the words to their songs to match this “moshing turtle!” Dahveed was sick so he missed out on the fun, but will hopefully will be alive in time for San Diego Comic Con. Look for more photos to the gallery & videos coming soon.


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