SPBH Animation coming to VR


Supa Pirate Booty Hunt have partner with Jonathan Williams from VRX (Virtual Reality Xperience) to create some VR animation. Supa Pirate Booty Hunt co-creator / producer Steve Sievers “I meet Jonathan through different events I have done with my media company Bionic Buzz. We both have the same passion for VR & animation so it was a perfect fit to team up. In 2018 Dahveed and I will be working with Jonathan into either turning our existing animation or creating new animation in VR format.” VRX (Virtual Reality Xperience) is an award winning Los Angeles based  creative studio that develops 360° Videos, Virtual & Augmented Reality applications to promote art and culture through animation, 3D art and traditional art. As of now there is no time-able on release date. “We hope to have something out by this summer for the heart of con season in Southern California.” Stay tuned for more details.


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